The Dirty and Dark Secrets of Escorts Agency in India

The Dirty and Dark Secrets of Escorts Agency in India

Holla my city dildos, and read this dick-kicking truth about everything you search and find and think and masturbate about an escort agency. I personally hate to break your guy's illusion here but the truth needs to be told and as a writer, I don't want to keep any of you in the dark.

And the truth is very gruesome if you think of it like so. Here's the shocking reveal. All of these websites are fake, even the one you are reading right now is a fake website. So you better guard yourself and instead of being horny with these sleazy seminude photos, I want you to think from the thing that sits on your shoulder attached to your brain and not from the tail hanging between your legs.

I mean which girl wants their photos on such websites, also the details to get clients and fuck all this because we live in India, nobody is proud of being a prostitute, not even Sunny Leone. Get this thing in your head; you have been scammed all the time, even now. Everything ever told to you was a lie, a fake scenario with these exotic-looking websites.

Now take a look at the real experience that I had with the website. And you are dead wrong if you think I am going to tell you that I was doing all this which you are doing right now. I don't go to these sites but I write for these websites.

Trust me; these websites are nothing more than a good domain, sassy pictures, gifs, and engaging writings that make the website rank on the first page of Google. I was paid less for writing this bullshit so I wrote the truth otherwise I can give you more dramatic masturbation than the one you get watching Mia Malkova in the porn movies.

You get this, you were never told the truth this way. All you have to do is to dial the number and you will connect with the executive customer desk who guides you. They will never tell you that one end of the call is a pimp and the other end of the call is a schmuck. And since you are not the mighty pimp, you must be a schmuck to call such numbers from the website.

Never do that, if you want some good advice today. This is your lucky day. All the blogs you found on the website, all the content about all these escorts in all these cities are nothing but the replica of matrices prepared for the world wide web and optimized in a way that they rank on the search engine every time you search for it.

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We even know the variety of keywords you search to reach one of these pages. It is the keywords... "Call girl in Pune, Call girls in Hyderabad, Delhi escorts, Mumbai escorts, and many other varieties as well. Know that everything is fake and you are not getting anything like fulfilling fantasies or so. Either no one will pick up your call or you talk to a pimp most likely the conman in disguise who asks you to pay the money. Stay safe and stay away from these websites. Of course, I urge you to read the blog completely.

So what are you doing today/ tonight? Reading something or want to have a stranger knocking at your door. Trust me you are very lucky if you pick the first option.

Now understand the scenario in this way... you know that these things happen when the sun melts in the sky. You know that you can easily avail of the services locally and enjoy yourself with the prostitutes and escorts no matter where you live. You can also hire those escorts for longer periods like a vacation or something but calling a website is not a good idea. No girl would ever agree to be a poster girl for such a website even when she wants to earn money this way.

Next time, when you fantasize about Deepti 21, make sure that the Deepti you will be getting is very different from the one you see in the pictures. Also, forget all the fantasies, if you are getting the girl they charge you by shots… and they are never gentle with you... sometimes they end up harassing you in the worst way possible.

For instance, you want to do lip to lip... they ask you for extra money. You want a blow job; they show you the rate card. You want to fulfill fantasies like ripping clothes, doing 69, or role-play they show you the rate card. And never ask them for ass banging or ATM (Ass to Mouth). Because no matter how you enjoy this shit you gonna regret the STDs and other diseases that you probably get because of the unhygienic atmosphere they carry with them. Also, you can't trust a hooker who changes the bed thrice in a single night with three different people.

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Beware of the frauds that created and centered across the world wide web in the name of sensual pleasure called escort agencies. You are a smart man and work hard to get a girlfriend instead of searching for a hooker and that too on the internet. Know that these are fake and you are digging your own grave if you search for something like this.

No matter how credible a website looks, you have to be open minded about it and think with your brain. No matter what it takes to check the website...  After all, it is about your security. Otherwise, you better know how cyber crimes are at peak and people fall for these webcam scams and many other types of scam where people blackmail you till you break completely.

And that's it. If you didn't understand then read again. This is the last thing I can do for you.

Also, the one who is uploading it better call me once. I want to hear whether you know you are uploading it or not.